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The Weight of the World

Recently I was talking with a friend who seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. She looked so stressed that if I touched her shoulder, I thought she might just break right in half.  “I feel … Continue reading

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Just One More

I’ve said before that some of my most read posts are the ones about “anxiety.”   After going back and re-reading them myself, I think I would be remiss if I did not mention a couple of things I’ve learned about … Continue reading

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When Anxiety Gets the Best of You Part 2

Yesterday morning was so stressful that if stress could kill you, I would have been 12 feet under!  I had an important conference call involving six people and myself at 9 a.m.  As soon as I got on the line, … Continue reading

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Regarding Anxiety

My most popular post  (other than my scripture reflections) is the one I posted a couple of years ago on “Anxiety.”  I believe this to be a sign of the times in which we live.  Our lives are so hectic … Continue reading

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Overcoming Anxiety

One of my most popular posts is about ANXIETY.  It is something that all of us have to deal with to a greater or lesser degree in the world in which we live today.  Our lives often seem out of … Continue reading

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Working Momma Woes

I should probably be ashamed to post this.  I guess I’m hoping that some of you might relate, and make me feel better.  I’m also hoping that by sharing my “secret,” it might take the pressure off of some other … Continue reading

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The Practice of the Presence of God

an excerpt from my reading this morning – Good stuff! From one of Brother Lawrence’s letters :We have an infinitely good God who knows what we need.  I have always believed that He would allow you to be reduced to … Continue reading

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I’d Better Think Again!

Please read my latest post at NOLA Catholic Experience.  It’s right under Sr. Judith’s “Lesson in a Fortune Cookie” (Which is a great read, too!!)  Enjoy!

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God Uses the Telephone (and Others!)

The last few months have been extremely stressful for me and for my family.  Prayerfully, we put our home up for sale in order to try to purchase a home with an extra bedroom for my youngest son who has … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning, and hurried into the day.  Mistake!  I’ve been trying to develop a habit of (more extended) morning prayer & meditation during the summer months since I’m not having to get up for work.  I thought … Continue reading

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