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Reflection on Readings for Sunday, January 18, 2015

Readings for Sunday, January 18th The first reading for this week is one of my absolute favorites – the calling of Samuel.  I have a special, incredible story regarding this scripture passage and my family.  I will put it at … Continue reading

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Parenting Teens and Twenties

One of my readers asked if I would write about how I handle my older kids and dating.  Actually (and thankfully), I do not handle this on my own.  My husband and I are partners in parenting, and for that … Continue reading

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Two Topics to Discuss with Your Teen Daughters

Here are two articles that could be excellent springboards for discussion with your teens – particularly teen girls.  The first is about a model who stopped modeling lingerie for Victoria Secret because it didn’t “mesh with her Christian values.”  The … Continue reading

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Lowering the Hem

When shopping for my thirteen year old daughter today – specifically for shorts, I found the options unacceptable – not bad, not tacky, not just skimpy – unacceptable.  It is such a struggle.  I’ve tried to teach my daughter to … Continue reading

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Shopping “Fun”

It’s a time-honored past time – A mother taking her daughter shopping for a new dress and shoes.  This should be a fun, bonding experience, right?  Hmmm. It all began when my sister-in-law took my daughter out to buy some … Continue reading

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