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Lord, Drive Out All Fear.

I’ve really been struggling with fear lately.  I know that I have not had much to say here.  I always try to write things that are uplifting, and I just don’t feel that I’ve had anything to offer – perhaps … Continue reading

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In the World but Not of this World

One thing that I continually struggle with is living in this world but not being “of this world.”  Part of me wants to pull up roots with my little family and transplant us to the middle of nowhere – isolation … Continue reading

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Turtle Crossing

This morning, on our way out of the subdivision, I noticed a large, red ear slider turtle right in the middle of the lane of traffic.  I swerved to miss it, and then looked in my rear view mirror.  To … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

Do we embrace God’s Will, or do we simply resign ourselves to it?

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When Anxiety Gets the Best of You

We all have those times when anxiety seems to get the best of us – whether we are worried about the health of a loved one, a new job, the lack of a job, our children…  Whenever I’m worried about … Continue reading

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Come Holy Spirit!

Sometimes, God makes His Will known to us in an obvious manner.  Most of the time, however, we must resort to prayerful discernment.  Notice how I used the word, “resort.”  Isn’t that the way we often work?  We try to … Continue reading

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Cardinal Story Part 2

After purchasing the house, I had to find a new school for the kids.  As registration time neared, my husband and I went around to the three Catholic Schools in the area, and paid a registration fee at two of … Continue reading

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Other than Easter and Christmas, today is my favorite feast day in the Church calendar.  It is the feast of the Annunciation.  I like to ponder this scene in Mary’s life when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her and told … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big!

I was flipping the channels last night, and came across a priest speaking on one of the local stations.  He was talking about the importance of having dreams.  I decided to give him a few minutes, before I continued my … Continue reading

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