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The Gift of Children

Yesterday was truly a blessing, and it was not because it was my 48th birthday (Yikes!).  The day did not turn out to be at all like I had planned, but perhaps transformed into something even better.  I was so … Continue reading

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One of the Greatest Blessings in my Life

The last few weeks have been filled with anticipation at school – we (students, teachers, parents) were eagerly awaiting the end of middle school for our “graduates” – the end of homework, tests, grading, getting up early – the discipline … Continue reading

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Today, Happiness Was…

*hugs and kisses from my husband and children *receiving Jesus in the Eucharist *Shrimp and Grits for lunch – an outstanding lunch provided by our PTA for teacher appreciation week – MUCH appreciated:) a sweet email from my husband a … Continue reading

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Putting Things in Perspective

These past two weeks, we have sifted through all of our belongings to make “give away,” “throw away” and “pack it” piles.  It’s amazing, as simple a people we think we are, we surely have accumulated a lot of stuff … Continue reading

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Counting My Blessings

Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His loving kindness is everlasting.  Psalm 106:1 Thanking God for many, many blessings: The gift of Jesus, my hope and salvation the Blessed Sacrament and the … Continue reading

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“I Saw God Today”

I saw Him in this baby fig leaf.  I also saw Him in the faces of my friends whose excellent company and conversation really lifted my spirits today.  Thank You God, for these wonderful blessings!

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F is for Frustration & T is for Thank You

  F is for Frustration For a dog who won’t stay out of my vegetable garden For a child who wants what he can’t have and wants it now For a maddening itch that will not relent For an ever-growing … Continue reading

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Perception Check

After an exhausting weekend, I set out to face the challenges of a new week feeling a bit depleted.  When I’m tired and haven’t taken care of myself, I tend to feel a bit cranky.  I’m sure you understand! I … Continue reading

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Blessings of a Very Long Day

My body is having difficulty transitioning from “stay at home mom” time to “working mother” time.  I find myself yawning relentlessly come mid afternoon, longing for the luxury of a summer afternoon nap!  For today, and for the next couple … Continue reading

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Blessings in Disguise

I believe that God placed this song on my heart to share with you this morning.  I fell asleep last night around ten, but then was awakened around 11:30 by restless legs.  I thrashed about for TWO hours, before settling … Continue reading

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