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Working Momma Woes

I should probably be ashamed to post this.  I guess I’m hoping that some of you might relate, and make me feel better.  I’m also hoping that by sharing my “secret,” it might take the pressure off of some other … Continue reading

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I’m Officially Exhausted

O.K., I’m officially exhausted!  I’ve been back at work for less than a week, and already my house is a mess.  Papers to fill out for each child’s school are strewn all over the kitchen countertop and table.   Laundry … Continue reading

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Blessings of a Very Long Day

My body is having difficulty transitioning from “stay at home mom” time to “working mother” time.  I find myself yawning relentlessly come mid afternoon, longing for the luxury of a summer afternoon nap!  For today, and for the next couple … Continue reading

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