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Dear Friends,

Dear Friends, This morning, I came out onto the back porch before anyone else was up.  I sat in my rocker just talking to God enjoying the peace and quiet.  Something came to my mind while I was praying.  I … Continue reading

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Just What I Needed

I spent my Christmas Eve morning walking in the woods.  I have so longed for the peace that comes from being quiet and (nearly) alone in the forest.  The weekends have either been packed with activity or showered with rain.  … Continue reading

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A Burning Desire

    Over the past few years, I’ve developed a burning, burning desire to live more simply, more quietly – surrounded by nature.  I want to work and to pray – to pray and to work, much like the Benedictines … Continue reading

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A Soliloquy

I am so thankful for my church – a little haven in the midst of this messed up world.   One of the ways my husband and I have chosen to deal with the ongoing confusion in the Catholic Church is … Continue reading

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Amazonian Synod Has Begun – Something worth watching

I watched this from LifeSite News this morning.  It is really something worth watching in regard to the Amazonian Synod which is just getting started.  It is 30 minutes long – You should watch it from beginning to the end. … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading, Watching and Listening to… How about You?

Besides obsessing over things best left in the capable hands of God,  I’ve become a Youtube geek!  Honestly, I have spent a lot of time taking things in, instead of putting things out there myself.  It’s time to get back … Continue reading

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Silent No More

It’s funny how total strangers – even people from another place and time can enter one’s life to teach a lesson!  On my classroom windowsills, I have colorful, wooden blocks with bible verses and inspirational quotes.  One of them says, … Continue reading

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I Believe

My heart has been singing this song all morning – a song from my childhood – elementary Catholic school days.  When I did an internet search, I learned the source of the lyrics.  It was written during WW2, on the … Continue reading

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I’m a Slow Learner

This morning I awakened with these words in my heart and in my head, “Obedience without hesitation.”  You see, I had an experience earlier in the week, where I felt moved to share some words of comfort with someone – … Continue reading

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The Photography Fast is Over!

My husband gave me the best gift ever – for no special occasion – a refurbished Canon point and shoot camera.  (Thank you, Honey!) Most of you know that I love capturing the beauty of God’s creation in photos.  My … Continue reading

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