Sing it Until you Mean it (Or the “Power of Praise”)!



UnknownI don’t know about you, but I just feel depleted – like an old, dry rotted bicycle tire that has gone flat.  You try to pump it up to ride, but the air just flows right through, leaving it saggy and listless instead of firm and resilient.  (Now that’s a picture for you!) I guess I’m in a slump of sorts – and probably feeling – well,  50:(    It’s a good thing that school just let out, huh?!

If you are feeling down, overwhelmed or worn out, praise God!  ( I bet you’re thinking I’ve had a bit too much to drink!)  Nope.  I know what I’m saying!   You see, when you praise God in the storms of this life, it actually makes the burdens lighter and gives joy to the soul.  You might be thinking, “The last thing I feel like doing is singing.”  I understand completely.  Trust me on this.  You say it until you can sing it, then you sing it until you mean it!  You will notice that the doom and gloom begin to lift.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to put on a smile and “fake” happiness when having to  address a group of people.  Something miraculous happens when I do that.  While it is difficult to paint that smile on and speak with enthusiasm, after a few minutes, I actually begin to feel what I’ve been faking!  Try it.  Smile until it is no longer a chore!

When we suffer – physically, mentally or spiritually – this can be a gift from God – an opportunity to draw closer to Him.  When we unite our suffering to Him who suffered for us, our hurt can be used to obtain graces needed to turn souls in need of conversion to Him.  I don’t know about you, but it always helps to ease my suffering/sadness when I know that it is doing somebody somewhere some good!

There are many wonderful contemporary praise and worship songs that you can play and sing along until you are feeling blessed (not stressed) 🙂  One of my favorites is a hymn that is usually sung right after benediction, Holy God We Praise Thy Name.  Won’t you give it a try?

Holy God, we praise Thy name. Lord of all, we bow before Thee.  All on earth, Thy scepter claim.  All in heaven above adore Thee.  Infinite Thy vast domain.  Everlasting is Thy reign.  Infinite Thy vast Domain.  Everlasting is Thy reign!

Words: Ignaz Franz, 1774;
trans. Clarence Augustus Walworth, 1858
Music: Grosser Gott


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