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He is Risen!

He is not here, for He has risen.  Come and see the place where He lay.   Matthew 28:6 Happy Easter!

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Highlights of our 12 Church Good Friday Drive/Walk

                                                     My sweet baby boy closely examining the wounds in Jesus’ feet.  This statue of Jesus’ corpse is in the back of St. Alphonsus church has been recently (beautifully) restored. We … Continue reading

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The Gift of the Holy Priesthood

Please read my latest post at NOLA Catholic Experience.  Thanks!

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Why do Catholic’s do that?

Today, I thought I’d address some things that Catholics do that may perplex people of other faiths.  For example, Why do Catholics make the sign of the cross to start and end a prayer?  “In the Sign of the Cross, … Continue reading

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They have 6 kids – They must be “good Catholics.”

They have 6 kids – They must be “good Catholics…”  (snicker)  It really bugs me when people pass judgement on couples who have big families.  Who says that 2 children is the perfect number?  Who says one must have a … Continue reading

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Why Do Catholics Pray to Saints?

I typed that question to get your attention.  We don’t actually pray to saints – we ask their intercession.  “Ah, but there is but one mediator between God and man, and that is Jesus,” you might say. (1 Timothy 2: … Continue reading

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Purgatory – Where is that in the Bible?

One of the things that differs between Catholics and other Christians is our belief in purgatory.  If you were to challenge a Catholic and say that purgatory is not in the bible, you would be partially correct.  The word “purgatory” … Continue reading

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