Blissfully Blindfolded

God’s Ways are mysterious for sure!  On my current journey, I often feel as though I am walking around blindfolded.  Every now and again, God lifts the veil from my eyes for a moment and gives me a small glimpse – a glimmer of light to flood the darkness, but then he fastens the handkerchief securely over my eyes once again.  “Trust Me,”  He says reassuringly.

The only thing reassuring about it all is that, through prayer and more prayer, I have made God my guide in this  journey called life.  I know that even if I can’t trust anyone else, I can have complete faith in Him to put me in the right place – to steer me safely around obstacles.

Recently, when on retreat with teens, we did a blindfolded “trust walk.”  I had a wonderful, cautious guide with me.  Still, I felt quite vulnerable to the obstacles  – particularly the potholes in the turf that my guide couldn’t readily see.  She kept looking around diligently to help to steer me safely to the finish line, however, she couldn’t see in front of her, to the side of us, and look down at the same time.  It was definitely an uneasy feeling.

Thankfully, God is omnipresent!  He is fully with each of us at all times.  Though it is incomprehensible to the human mind, He can give His total attention to each of His children WORLDWIDE always.  Wow!

Offer God all of the events of your day – big and small.  Walk confidently (though sometimes unable to see the next moment, or hour, or day clearly).  Trust that He has your back.  He has your eternal interests at heart!  Give Him the Control and Let Go!

About danardoyle

I am a Catholic, working wife and mother. I have three children ages 14, 20 and 27. I am extremely busy, as you can imagine. I aim each and every day to put God first in my life, to teach my children the Faith, to be a supportive spouse, keep the house in order, and do my job outside of the home well, too. That's an impossible task - without Divine intervention! Here, I hope to share my triumphs and struggles with other working moms in the same boat. I will share the tools I have discovered to making it all work - most days!
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