Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

Thursday, September 8, the church celebrates the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Obviously, we don’t know for sure if tomorrow is her real birthday.  I suppose that Mary was living during the time of Roman rule, so she may have counted the days as we do with the Roman based calendar.  I think I mentioned this before, but I read in the book “Words from Heaven,” that her real birthday is August 5th.  This is a book chronicling the messages of Mary to the Medjugorje visionaries.  The actual date is probably not as important as simply taking the time to honor our heavenly mother in some way.

My children and I baked white cupcakes this evening.  We frosted them in white, whipped icing and added blue sprinkles.  (Every good cupcake must have sprinkles!)  The white cake and frosting represent her purity – her sinlessness – and the blue sprinkles – her veil.  We plan to sing happy birthday tomorrow night, and offer “spiritual gifts” in appreciation for her important role in our lives.  I hope that you will find some way to celebrate with Mary on her special day!

Here are some of my favorite photographs I’ve taken of Marian images:Mary at Our Lady of the Lake School on Carroll and Jefferson Streets, Old Mandeville, LA         Our Lady of Guadalupe in the circle at St. Paul’s High School, Covington, LA         Mother Mary in the courtyard at St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral in Thibodaux, LA              Mary in the garden at Monmouth Plantation, Natchez, Mississippi    Our Lady of Guadalupe mosaic in the Basilica recently built in Orlando, Florida         a stained glass window in St. John the Baptist Church, Folsom, Louisiana                                            Madonna and child in my backyard My favorite image of Mary – My daughter singing her heart out in the Christmas Pageant last December.

About danardoyle

I am a Catholic, working wife and mother. I have three children ages 14, 20 and 27. I am extremely busy, as you can imagine. I aim each and every day to put God first in my life, to teach my children the Faith, to be a supportive spouse, keep the house in order, and do my job outside of the home well, too. That's an impossible task - without Divine intervention! Here, I hope to share my triumphs and struggles with other working moms in the same boat. I will share the tools I have discovered to making it all work - most days!
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12 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

  1. Mary Danna Seese says:

    I love the last picture best too!
    We are going all out for the Blessed Mother’s birthday. Claire wants to get one of those barbie cake kits from Michael’s where the base is the cake and body is a doll. Of course, Bobby wants to make her a SpiderMan cake! Maybe we will put some sort of Spiderman accessory on the cake for Bobby! We will enjoy it and sing happy birthday to her!

  2. Beth T. says:

    I am going to bake cupcakes, too. And tomorrow evening we are going to put a ring of flowers on Mary’s head at St. Joseph’s Abbey.
    Thank you so much, Dana, for the ideas!

  3. Sharon says:

    Lovely photos, especially the last one! 🙂 And I TOTALLY stole your idea for my blog.


  4. Maggie says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I like to take my little Mary to daily mass on Marian feast days, and we made it this morning thanks to you!

  5. Sue Elvis says:

    Your daughter is so beautiful, Dana!

  6. littlesoul2 says:

    Dana, I love your no-nonsense wisdom, but your photography really wows me whenever I visit your blog. The pictures of images of Our Lady were spectacular, and like everyone else, I agree that the last was the BEST. Your daughter is so lovely. What a beautiful “Mary” she made!

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