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Who Am I?

When you introduce yourself to someone, or try to answer the question, “Who are you?” do you answer with tasks you perform or roles that you play?  Defining oneself can be difficult – OR it can be very simple.  If … Continue reading

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Cherishing the Gift of Life

Recently, I met a new neighbor – a beautiful young lady from Vietnam.  Anh is a sixteen year old student whose family has made large sacrifices to send her to the United States. To this faith-filled family, a Catholic education … Continue reading

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These Made My Day!

My students are truly awesome!  Recently, I had my seventh graders write “ACTS” prayers.  We learn traditional “wrote” prayers, but I wanted them to learn to pray from their hearts as well.  The beautiful prayers that my students penned just … Continue reading

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Outside my window… I see freshly watered, glossy camellia leaves glistening in the sun; sparrows and a purple finch on the bird feeder; a blue jay taking a bath I am thankful for… family, good food (delicious barbecue) and good … Continue reading

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A Blessing in Disguise

This week has been a rough one!  My husband, who generously helps me with the children in the evenings, had to work late two nights in a row.  I had a meeting for work myself on Thursday night.  Our home … Continue reading

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August Ideas for Celebrating Faith with Children

These ideas at the bottom of this page are not my own!  They come from a terrific book called “A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families” by Monica McConkey.  I had the pleasure of meeting the McConkeys at the … Continue reading

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Psalm 139

Here is a neat YouTube video with some beautiful images based on Psalm 139, the responsorial psalm for mass today, and one of my personal favorites!  It is set to gorgeous piano music.  Enjoy a few minutes of serenity!

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An Epic Fail or a Challenge to Invest More?

I’ve been working on something that I believe the Lord is calling me to do.  So far, though still early on in the game, I would consider it “an epic failure.”  A cloud of negativity swept over me last night … Continue reading

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On most days, my job brings me a sense of fulfillment and purpose.  Sometimes, it even brings me joy!  I am aware that for many people “work” is really a four letter word.  Life passes so quickly that it must … Continue reading

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Sunday Stills Challenge: The Letter “B”

A Black Beetle A Beautiful Butterfly Some “artsy” photos of some bottles I had in my kitchen – Fun! Bamboo Bubbles:) I had much fun with this week’s challenge!

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