Oh What a Day!

Today was just not a fun day as a parent –  frustration and aggravation from my waking moment.  I attempted to sneak a few quiet moments in my chair facing the window that overlooks my garden and bird feeders.  One child heard me rise and came to snuggle.  That was great, except that she’s almost my size.  After some shifting, we were able to get comfortable.  Then the nagging started.  Are you ready to cut my bangs?  When can I have my hair highlighted?  Can I have a sleepover?  Can we stop and get flowers for my friend on the way to the recital?  Hmmm?  Where did the peace go – so elusive – I could almost touch it, but it drifted away.  I got up and gave two haircuts – one to someone who wanted a cut “pronto,” and while I was at it – one to an angel who didn’t think he needed a cut at all.

Next, I decided to use the days festivities (birthday parties) to motivate my children to help me clean house.  May has been so busy that the house has suffered – literally!  “If you don’t help clean up, you won’t be going to the party,” I said to my two youngest.  “Now pitch in!  Let’s go!”  I gave my youngest three bins, and asked him to sort some toys for me.  I also asked him to put aside any that he didn’t play with anymore for the needy children.  You would have thought that I was pulling teeth without novocaine!  The wailing, “You’re trying to throw away all my toys.  Waaaaa!”  Stttrrriiike one!

Then I asked my middle child to clean her room, hang up clothes that had been strewn about, make her bed, and go through her clothing to see what she could donate.  “You just hate me!” she bellowed.  Again, ” No party if you don’t change your attitude, Missy!”  She began throwing everything away to avoid having to deal with it.  Great!   Stttrrrriiike two!

After her room was 3/4 clean, I headed out to purchase flowers, dropped her off at the dance recital, and took my youngest shopping to find a gift for his buddy who was having a party at 4:30.  I tried so hard to remain patient!  I really did!  We picked up a gift, headed of the cash register, then little man changed his mind.  We headed back to the toy aisle,  put back the first gift, and chose a new one.  Again we headed for the register.  Again he changed his mind.  So much stress over the perfect gift.  The kid is 6 for goodness sake!  “That’s it!  This is what he’s getting,” I said, and proceeded to the checkout.

Then, I grocery shopped and came home to finish cooking and cleaning.  I made pulled pork, a pot of gumbo and a pot of shrimp etouffee, then cleaned all the dishes and the mess.  I vacuumed, dusted, swept and mopped, then wrapped the birthday present.  Meanwhile, my husband dusted and processed mountains of laundry.  I got my little one dressed in his swimsuit, and drove to the friend’s house for the water slide celebration.  When we arrived there were no cars parked out front.  I drove around to the back and did not see a water slide, so I called my husband to try to find the party invitation.  Perhaps I had gotten the date wrong.  As it turned out, I had the place wrong!  I drove to the country club where the party was really being held.  My son was in the pool all of ten minutes when he decided that he wanted to go home.  Someone at the top of the slide had told him that he had to have a mat to slide.  He took this as a reprimand.  He doesn’t like being fussed at, so he “shut down.”  Ssssttttrrrrike Three!  I apologized to the mother of the young man, and we left.  Big, Big Sigh!

It’s now Saturday night and the “fun” continues. I’ve retreated to the bedroom to allow my husband to take over for a while so that I can recoup.  At least he told me that he appreciated the cleaning, the cooking, the chauffering, the counseling…the blood, sweat and tears!  He said that moms are really superheroes.  Well, someone get me my mask and cape, would you please!?                                                    “Mom” upside down spells “Wow!”


About danardoyle

I am a Catholic, working wife and mother. I have three children ages 10, 16 and 23. I am extremely busy, as you can imagine. I aim each and every day to put God first in my life, to teach my children the Faith, to be a supportive spouse, keep the house in order, and do my job outside of the home well, too. That's an impossible task - without Divine intervention! Here, I hope to share my triumphs and struggles with other working moms in the same boat. I will share the tools I have discovered to making it all work - most days!
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One Response to Oh What a Day!

  1. Ken C. says:

    Can we eat at your house? We’ll help clean up afterwards…:->

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